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More Garfield Insanity

Wednesday, 27 May, 2009 | Posted in Lightning Made of Owls, Square Root of Minus Garfield by David Morgan-Mar

Square Root of Minus Garfield is going gangbusters, thanks to readers sending in lots of cool submissions! So much so that we’re increasing the update frequency from 3 to 4 times a week. You’ll now get an extra dose of Garfield wackiness on Thursdays. Enjoy!

We also have quite a few Lightning Made of Owls strips buffered at the moment, which is good, but we want to wait just a bit longer before we try increasing its update frequency as well.

M&M Smoothie

Saturday, 2 May, 2009 | Posted in Cafe by The Hyperstig

M&M Smoothie
Regular mezzacotta Café patron Rebecca Curtis sent in this photo she took of an M&M smoothie. She writes:

You can’t really see the little bits of M&M floating in the smoothie, so I put some on top of the whipped cream for added visual interest. This one is made with banana, vanilla ice cream, milk (rice, soy, or dairy will work), and peanut butter M&Ms in a blender; topped w/whipped cream and whole M&Ms. I could have added some peanut butter to the smoothie, but the peanut butter M&Ms took care of that. (Mmmmmmm… peanut butter banana….. Yummy!) Oh, and make sure to use an extra width straw, otherwise the M&M bits will get lodged in a regular sized one.

One of the Café’s less adventurous dishes, but still worth trying. Why don’t you check the menu now?