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Lightning made of an owl

Monday, 22 December, 2008 | Posted in Lightning Made of Owls by Andrew Coker

Or, an owl made of lightning. Or something.

A few of us were drafting the new Magic: The Gathering set, Shards of Alara – and were astonished to see the motif employed in the artwork of this card: Gather Specimens.

One can only assume that it’s Ambrose we see wearing the blue wizard garb in the background.

Infinite conga-space of monkeys

Thursday, 18 December, 2008 | Posted in Raw Ideas by David McLeish

We offer the following without commentary, except to say that the photo was taken on 20th October 2006.

Owls coming out of the walls

Monday, 15 December, 2008 | Posted in Lightning Made of Owls by David Morgan-Mar

We’ve had so many submissions for Lightning Made of Owls that we’re increasing the update frequency again, from 3 to 5 times a week! The comic will now update every weekday. Yay!

Comments on a Postcard

Monday, 8 December, 2008 | Posted in Comments on a Postcard by David Morgan-Mar

We’ve just launched yet another brand new webcomic: Comments on a Postcard. Check it out!

Sample dish from mezzacotta Café

Sunday, 7 December, 2008 | Posted in Cafe, Links by David Morgan-Mar

One of our mezzacotta Café patrons took a photo of one of the delicious dishes being served there: liverwurst schnitzel!

If you take a photo of a dish being served in the café, please let us know about it.

LiveJournal feeds for comics

Wednesday, 3 December, 2008 | Posted in Lightning Made of Owls, News, Square Root of Minus Garfield by The Hyperstig

Feeds for Lightning Made of Owls and Square Root of Minus Garfield are now available on LiveJournal. If you’re a LiveJournal user and like seeing comics in your friends list, simply friend these: