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Gummi worm insalata & twinkies and coffee

Wednesday, 18 November, 2009 | Posted in Cafe by David Morgan-Mar

Gummi worm insalata & twinkies and coffee
mezzacotta Café patron Panpear writes:

I had stopped at the mezzacotta Café for brunch one day, and spotted this menu item. I asked what ‘insalata’ meant (salad, as it turns out), and ordered right away. There was a choice for real fruit or gummi fruit in the salad, but I chose gummi because it already seemed unhealthy in the first place, so why bother trying to make it healthy? Overall, everything was delicious and sugary; I would definitely recommend it.

mezzacota Café obtains liquor licence

Sunday, 19 July, 2009 | Posted in Cafe by The Hyperstig

After several months of rave reviews for its imaginative menu, combining classic and contemporary cuisines, the mezzacotta Café is pleased to announce that it has been granted a liquor licence.

The Café is now serving a selection of quality wines from its extensive cellars, carefully chosen to complement its unique menu.

M&M Smoothie

Saturday, 2 May, 2009 | Posted in Cafe by The Hyperstig

M&M Smoothie
Regular mezzacotta Café patron Rebecca Curtis sent in this photo she took of an M&M smoothie. She writes:

You can’t really see the little bits of M&M floating in the smoothie, so I put some on top of the whipped cream for added visual interest. This one is made with banana, vanilla ice cream, milk (rice, soy, or dairy will work), and peanut butter M&Ms in a blender; topped w/whipped cream and whole M&Ms. I could have added some peanut butter to the smoothie, but the peanut butter M&Ms took care of that. (Mmmmmmm… peanut butter banana….. Yummy!) Oh, and make sure to use an extra width straw, otherwise the M&M bits will get lodged in a regular sized one.

One of the Café’s less adventurous dishes, but still worth trying. Why don’t you check the menu now?

Peachy Chops

Thursday, 22 January, 2009 | Posted in Cafe by David Morgan-Mar

Peachy Chops
And indeed she has been. Rebecca Curtis presents: peachy chops. She writes:

I chose pork chops rather than mutton chops. It came served atop mixed Chinese-style vegetables artistically placed upon a bed of black soybean pasta. The flavor was is the range of “sweet and pungent” – I could taste a hint of ginger that nicely complemented the peaches.

Boiled Oats

Saturday, 17 January, 2009 | Posted in Cafe by David Morgan-Mar

mezzacotta Café: Boiled Oats
mezzacotta Café patron Rebecca Curtis managed to order this dish of boiled oats. She promises to be more adventurous with her meal selection next time…

Sample dish from mezzacotta Café

Sunday, 7 December, 2008 | Posted in Cafe, Links by David Morgan-Mar

One of our mezzacotta Café patrons took a photo of one of the delicious dishes being served there: liverwurst schnitzel!

If you take a photo of a dish being served in the café, please let us know about it.

mezzacotta Café

Sunday, 23 November, 2008 | Posted in Cafe, Ideas, News by Andrew Coker

Our frenzy of releasing new features on mezzacotta continues! We are pleased to present the mezzacotta Café, serving a variety of snacks and light refreshments. Our chef is known for his remarkable approach to cooking, in which ingredients are assembled into a myriad of new combinations and styles. But he can be a bit unpredictable sometimes, and his taste is, well… unique.