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No. 87: Pass the One Parcel

Pass the One Parcel

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Strip by: Ian Boreham

title: The Limerick of the Rings
subtitle: for busy readers

limerick text:
First Bilbo gave Frodo the Ring
The council said "unmake that thing"
It was done thanks to Smeagol
They were saved by an eagle
And then Aragorn became king

{A montage image showing the One Ring in the centre, being simultaneously dropped by Bilbo, taken by Frodo, glared at by Elrond, and grasped at by Gollum as he falls into the Crack of Doom, followed by an eagle coming to the rescue and Aragorn wearing a crown.}

The author writes:

The original image I had in mind for this strip had the limerick in the centre of a much larger ring, but it turned out to be difficult to fit the montage images around it. They would have had to be smaller and spaced apart, or more numerous, or including superfluous background. Anyway, whatever. This is it.

Drawn in Krita and Inkscape.