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Episode 2.11: Friday's Child


There's a lot happening in this episode. I think the best thing is when Maab launches the coup d'etat against Akaar, resulting in a whole bunch of the Capellans fighting each other, and Kirk just gleefully launches himself into the fray, punching anyone he gets near.

In hindsight, I regret not putting some subtle Catwoman ears on Eleen.

This strip marks the half-way point in Star Trek, and the initial goal of this comic. There were 39 episodes before this one, and there are 39 to go after this one. We're into the downhill run!

Actually... poor choice of words there...


Captain's log, Stardate 3497.2. Negotiating a mining agreement with natives of Capella IV.
McCoy: I was stationed here; they're dangerous primitives.
Spock: Recommend large, well-armed landing party.
Kirk: Nah. Us three and a redshirt. Allons-y!
{Capella IV}
Kirk: You killed my redshirt!
McCoy: Jim, be careful.
Maab: He drew a weapon on our Klingon guest. Lay down your weapons and we may talk.
Kirk: When have I ever opened with violence and then switched to negotiation?!
Akaar: I am Akaar, Teer of the Ten Tribes.
Maab: The Klingon offers valuable things for our rocks.
Kras: The Earthmen offer worthless things. Medicine, education.
Akaar: I shall consider.
Kirk: Do we get a say?
Akaar: No!
Caption: Smash cut to all out fight between the Capellans:
Kirk: Now this is my type of diplomacy!
SFX: Punch!
Maab: Akaar is dead; I am Teer. Now I kill Akaar's wife.
Kirk: No!
Eleen: He dares touch me! Kill him first!
Kirk: That's not supposed to happen when I touch an alien woman...
Caption: They escape:
Kirk: We should be able to defend this position. How is she, Bones?
McCoy: She won't let me touch her. Hold on...
SFX: Slap! {McCoy slaps Eleen across the face}
Eleen: You have earned my respect. You may examine me.
McCoy: Hmm. The baby is due any time now.
Eleen: He shall be our baby.
Kirk: Exactly how long ago was your visit to this planet, Bones?
Spock: We need weapons.
Kirk: Let's make a primitive cannon using coal, sulphur, and potassium nitrate we find lying around! The geology seems right.
Spock: ... How about bows?
Eleen: The child is born, but I have killed him, and the Earthmen.
Maab: I accept your word.
Kras: She lies!
Maab: You have no honour, Klingon.
Kras: {pointing} They're right there!
Caption: Saved by the cavalry!
Scotty: Drop your weapons!
Kirk: Scotty!
{Enterprise bridge}
Kirk: Eleen has signed the mining treaty as Regent for the new Teer, Leonard James Akaar.
Spock: Leonard James Akaar?
McCoy: You missed a name, James. Another important member of the landing party.
Kirk: Oh yes, sorry, Leonard. Leonard James Redshirt Akaar.
Spock: Ha. Ha.

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