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Episode 2.7: Catspaw


It may be obvious that I went for a different visual style here. I figured this was a good episode to try this heavy black shading, as it's clearly a Halloween special episode (it premiered on 27 October, 1967, well after it was filmed - and it was in fact the very first episode of season 2 to be filmed). According to Memory Alpha (the Star Trek wiki), this is the only episode of any Star Trek series ever produced as a "holiday special" for screening near a present-day Earth holiday.

Anyway, I like how the black shading turned out. But let me tell you, it takes a long time to do. This strip took me roughly three times as long as a standard strip to draw and ink.


Captains log, Stardate 3018.2. Crewman Jackson has beamed up from Pyris VII without Scotty and Sulu.
McCoy: He's dead, Jim!
Jackson: {dead} Captain Kirk! Your ship is cursed! Leave or die! WooOOooOOoooh!
Caption: Mouth not moving! Spoooky!
Kirk: Never send a landing party to do a Captain's work. Come on, Spock, Bones.
Kirk: Allons-y!
{on the planet}
Kirk: An eerie low-lying fog. Fog machines?
Spock: No civilisation, no technology. Under these conditions, fog machines are highly unlikely.
Witch 1: Captain Kirk! Remember the curse!
Witch 2: Wind shall rise, and fog descend!
Witch 3: So leave here, all, or meet your end!
Witch 1: When shall we three meet again?
Witch 2: Well, I can do next Tuesday.
Caption: Spooky castle, floor trap: 1d6 falling damage!
{They are shackled to a dungeon wall}
Kirk: Well, this is awkward.
McCoy: {pointing off-panel} As awkward as Scotty and Sulu turned into zombies?
{a drawing room}
Korob: I am Korob.
Black Cat: Meow.
Korob: Oh, yes! How forgetful of me. Please join me for dinner.
McCoy: It's like Trick or Treat.
Spock: Trick or Treat?
McCoy: Never mind.
Spock: That cat is like a familiar.
McCoy: Familiar?
Spock: A demon in animal form sent by Satan to serve a witch or warlock. Your knowledge of Earth folklore is appalling.
Sylvia: I am Sylvia.
Kirk: Ah! An alien woman. Now I know what to do.
Caption: Black dress. Same pendant as black cat. Spooooky!
Caption: Seduce!
{Kirk kisses Sylvia}
11 {a giant black cat shadow on a wall, chasing Kirk and Mccoy}
Giant Black Cat: You used me! Now I am angry! MEOW!!
Caption: Kirk breaks Korob's wand:
SFX: snap!
Spock: The illusion is broken.
Kirk: Korob and Sylvia, as they really are. Now dying.
{they are tiny fuzzy blue alien things}
McCoy: You kissed that?
Kirk: I've done worse.

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