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No. 197: Ribbon dance

Ribbon dance

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Strip by: Andrew Coker

{T-rex has a neat spiral black line emerging from the tip of his tail}
{T-Rex is excited}
{T-Rex stomps on a house, the spiral black line neatly attached to his tail; Dromiceiomimus has a somewhat looser spiral black line attached to her tail}
{T-Rex turns to stomp a woman; Utahraptor appears behind him, near T-Rex's spiral black line}
{T-Rex looks at Utahraptor, who has an elaborate pointy star -shaped black line emerging from his tail}
{T-Rex stands forlornly, the black line emerging from his tail now hanging flaccidly to the floor}

The author writes:

You see in this exactly what you want to see.

The challenge was to write a minimalist Dinosaur Comic with no words that was still funny. We think Mr Coker succeeded brilliantly.