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Episode ST.1: Star Trek: The Motion Picture, part 2


How clever! They ripped off the plot of one of their own original series episodes! Though the significant plot revelation impressed me a lot as a 12-year-old kid with no memory of having seen The Changeling.

I'd like to say some nice things about this film:

It's way better than Turnabout Intruder, the last time we saw these characters in live action.

The music is great. It was nominated for an Academy Award and a Golden Globe, and won an International Film Music Critics Association Award for Best Archival Release of an Existing Score in 2012.

It spawned the revival of Star Trek as a franchise, leading to more movies, The Next Generation, and an optimistic view of the human future.

Okay, I'm done.


Sulu: We've intercepted the alien cloud. Now what?
Kirk: Manoeuvre inside its special effects for an hour!
Uhura: An alien probe!
Decker: Ilia!
Caption: About as much introduction as she gets in the film
{sick bay}
McCoy: This robot probe is using Ilia's body.
Kirk: She wasn't even wearing a red shirt...
McCoy: It has her memory patterns.
Kirk: Decker, seduce it and find out what's going on!
Decker: But—
Ilia Probe: V'ger wishes to contact the Creator.
Kirk: Who is the Creator?
Ilia Probe: That who V'ger wishes to contact.
Spock: Logical, but useless.
McCoy: Like you, Spock.
{sick bay}
Spock: I mind melded with V'ger. So lonely... like a child...
McCoy: Well you didn't have to do that to prove you're useful.
Caption: Better Spock/McCoy banter than the actual film
Caption: {indicating a bowl brought in by Dr Chapel} Plomeek soup
Caption: Earth:
Ilia Probe: The Creator has not replied. V'ger will sterilise the planet.
Kirk: Well, that's a bit harsh.
Kirk: I know why the Creator hasn't replied.
Ilia Probe: You will reveal the information.
Kirk: No, I'll only tell V'ger in person.
Ilia Probe: That will require another 20 minutes of special effects.
Kirk: We can wait.
McCoy: I got drafted for this?
{outside Enterprise, inside the V'ger cloud}
Caption: 20 minutes later:
Ilia Probe: V'ger.
Kirk: It's Voyager 6!
Spock: It has been learning, becoming conscious, for 300 years. Humans are the Creator.
McCoy: Nomad can see God and live...
Ilia Probe: V'ger wishes to join with the Creator.
Decker: I'll do it!
Caption: A new merged consciousness is created, and Earth is saved!
Caption: And two one-shot characters vanish in a swirl of special effects!
McCoy: And what lesson did you learn about blustering in and taking charge over more competent people?
Kirk: All's well that ends well!
Sulu: Heading, captain?
Kirk: Thataway!

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