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Episode 3.10: Plato's Stepchildren


I was reviewing this episode in preparation for drawing the comic, and the sheer childishness of the script slapped me in the face with an idea. Why not draw it using good old-fashioned wax crayons?!

A trip to the local art supply shop later, I was ready to go. Of course, wax crayons are not known for the delicacy of their linework (especially compared to 0.2 millimetre felt tip pens!), so I had to work at a significantly larger size than my usual drawings for these strips. I bought a pad of 12 sheets of A3 size watercolour paper, so I could draw a single panel per sheet. So each panel is drawn at about nine times the size of a panel in the other strips.

And yes, the original artwork for this strip is for sale, just like the others. Though I'm charging a bit more, because the art supplies for it cost roughly 13 times the cost of a normal strip.

The sound effects in panel 11 were inspired by the classic list of psionic attack modes from Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (1st edition): Mind Thrust, Ego Whip, Id Insinuation, Psychic Crush, and Psionic Blast. I chose "Id!" and "Ego!" to represent two legs of the Freudian trio. Presumably if Spock had helped to overcome Parmen, his sound effect would have been "Superego!"


{on a planet}
Captain's log, Stardate 5784.2. Distress call from an uncharted planet.
Spock: Scans indicate no inhabitants.
McCoy: Then what's that giant shadow?
Alexander: I am Alexander. We follow the teachings of Plato.
Spock: The Earth philosopher?
Alexander: You say that like aliens modelling their society after historical Earth cultures is unusual or something.
Alexander: We need Dr McCoy. There are 38 of us. The others manipulate me like a puppet with their psychic power, of which I have none.
Philana: We're eugenic supermen, incredibly healthy and long-lived.
McCoy: Why do you need a doctor?
Philana: My husband Parmen is dying of a tiny cut.
Parmen: Aaargh!
McCoy: This will stop the infection.
SFX: writhe writhe
SFX: uncontrolled telekinesis!
Parmen: You saved my life. Doctor, you will stay to address the ridiculous deficiencies of our society.
McCoy: Uh, no.
Parmen: I shall force your crewmates to overact painfully and ridiculously!
SFX: slap! slap! slap! {Kirk slaps himself in the face against his will}
Parmen: Stop hitting yourself! Why are you hitting yourself?
Caption: Flamenco Spock! Kirk is a horsey!
Alexander: Their power makes them monsters!
SFX: clap clap {Spock dances a flamenco}
SFX: Neigh! Winny! {Kirk acts as a horse, with Alexander riding on his back}
Caption: Interracial kiss that would never be allowed on 1960s TV if it was voluntary!
Caption: {Kirk kissing Uhura} Actual lip-lock hidden.
Caption: {Spock kissing Chapel in the background} + Spock + Nurse Chapel. Interspecies!
McCoy: The food is their psychic power source. A massive dose will give us powers to fight them.
Spock: Which will conveniently be forgotten after this episode.
SFX: Hypo!
Caption: Psychic showdown!
Alexander: Take me with you when you win!
SFX: {Parmen} Id!
SFX: {Kirk} Ego!
{Enterprise bridge}
Spock: Interesting that they professed to follow Plato. Alexander was a giant amongst his peers. His shadow showed his true nature.
Kirk: Like the allegory of Plato's Cave!
McCoy: Except completely backwards.

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