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Episode 1.20: Court Martial


There's so much going on in this episode that I couldn't even show the fist fight between Kirk and Finney. Also, young Jame Finney has a complete change of heart midway through the episode and declares her belief in and support of Kirk, for no apparent reason. There was an additional scene which explained this, wherein Jame read some old letters written by her father, in which she sees what a petty, vindictive man he is and she begins to suspect her own father of framing Kirk. But this was cut, and probably for the better, as it maintains the mystery and suspense for longer.

And then there's Kirk's lawyer, Samuel T. Cogley. I would have liked to portray him as the Hyper-Chicken from Futurama. He definitely has that yokel Southern lawyer vibe.


Captain's log, Stardate 2947.3. An ion storm has claimed the life of Lieutenant Commander Ben Finney. Stopping at Starbase 11 for repairs.
Commodore Stone: A tragic accident.
Kirk: I would have saved him if I could, Commodore.
Kirk: Jame, I'm sorry about your father.
Note, pointing to "Jame": Pronounced "Jamie".
Jame: Murderer! You killed him! You hated him all your life!
Commodore Stone: Good enough for me. Kirk, you're confined to base!
Kirk: Finney was in the ion pod. I called red alert, giving him time to get out, but had to eject the pod to save the ship.
Commodore Stone: The automated log says you ejected at yellow alert.
Kirk: When have I ever broken the rules?
Commodore Stone: Talos IV, Romulan Neutral Zone...
Kirk: Besides those!
Commodore Stone: Murasaki 312...
Kirk: Areel, shall we rekindle our romantic past?
Shaw: You're about to be court martialled!
Kirk: I've had romances in worse situations.
Shaw: And I'm the prosecutor!
Kirk: As I was saying...
Commodore Stone: Court Martial is now in session.
Shaw: Mr Spock, the Enterprise computer reports Kirk ejected the pod before signaling red alert.
Spock: The computer record is wrong.
Shaw: Commodore Stone, instruct this perfectly logical, incapable-of-lying witness not to speculate baselessly!
Shaw: Dr McCoy, is it possible Kirk hated Finney?
McCoy: No.
Shaw: Speculate baselessly! Is it possible?
McCoy: Well, strictly hypothetically, any man might have an infinitesimal chance...
Shaw: A-ha!
Shaw: Show the video evidence that neither the defendant nor his counsel have had the chance to see before.
Shaw: Look! His finger pressing the eject button, while on yellow alert!
Kirk: Gasp!
Kirk: Any kid could have Photoshopped that video.
Cogley: Computers don't lie, Captain.
Kirk: Why does my chair have just three buttons: yellow alert, red alert, and eject ion storm observation pod? Where's the coffee button?!
Note, pointing to Cogley: Kirk's lawyer
McCoy: Jim's about to lose his career and you're playing chess?!
Spock: I just beat the computer five times in a row.
McCoy: So?!
Spock: I'm on a streak, I can't stop now.
Caption: Court reconvenes on the Enterprise:
Spock: I programmed the computer myself. I should not be able to beat it. Ergo, it has been tampered with.
Commodore Stone: Who had access?
Spock: The Captain, myself... and Ben Finney.
McCoy: I've found his heartbeat, Finney's alive and hiding! He framed Jim!
Spock: I shall assemble a security team.
Kirk: No! I want to take him on single handed in a fist fight! I hate that guy!
Caption: Kirk rips his shirt, wins the fight, and kisses the girl.
Kirk: All in a day's work...

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