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Episode 1.12: The Menagerie, Part 2


Exactly how could Kirk have done that fight scene better? By having his shirt ripped off during it!

And yeah... apparently Commodore Mendez never left Starbase 11, he was just an illusion in everyone's minds projected by the Talosians. Which means the Talosians could influence people from light years away and could have lured more humans to their planet at any time they wanted to. I guess the Federation is lucky they didn't.


Captain's log, Stardate 3013.1. Spock has pled guilty to mutiny, sabotage, and contacting planet Talos IV, the only death penalty offence in the Federation.
Kirk: Okay, it's the next episode. Explain.
Spock: We still have the rest of the pilot episode to watch.
Spock: The Talosians had captured Captain Pike.
{Captain Pike and two Talosians are on the screen}
Captain Pike: Let me out!
Talosian: Its intelligence is limited.
Captain Pike: Oh, telepathy? You can read my mind? Read this!
Keeper (the other Talosian): How rude!
Captain Pike: This is Rigel 7. But... I must still be in the cell, and this is an illusion.
Vina: Eek! Save me!
Captain Pike: Don't tell me I have to save a damsel over and over again.
Caption: Pike beats the barbarian giant:
SFX: Impale!
Kirk: I could have done that fight scene better.
Caption: Back in the cell:
Vina: My hero!
Captain Pike: So you're not illusory.
Vina: ... Not much, no... My name is Vina.
Captain Pike: What do you want from us?!
Keeper: A breeding colony of humans. We will keep you in an illusory reality matrix and extract energy from your bodies!
Captain Pike: So you'll abduct the entire ship's crew then.
Keeper: No, one male and one female is plenty.
Captain Pike: It'd be easier to start a breeding colony with more people.
Keeper: We like a challenge.
Captain Pike: No! I won't breed a slave race for you with this woman!
Keeper: How about your first officer then? Or your yeoman?
Captain Pike: ... Keep going...
Captain Pike: No! I'll break out and hold you hostage!
Keeper: Eeek! We didn't realise you would resent being held captive and forced to breed more slaves for our amusement. You are free to go.
Vina: I'll stay. I'm hideously deformed and prefer my illusory body.
Kirk: So you brought Pike back to live out his life with Vina, under the illusion that they're fit and healthy?
Spock: Yes.
Kirk: Commodore Mendez-
SFX: Vanish! {Mendez vanishes}
Keeper: Commodore Mendez was never there. He was an illusion the entire time since you left Starbase 11.
Kirk: So… you can control people's minds as far away as Starbase 11? Yowzer!
Uhura: Message from Starbase 11. Since Spock assaulted people, sabotaged the ship, and put the entire human race at risk of being turned into mindless slaves just to be nice to Captain Pike, no disciplinary action is to be taken.
Spock: Boo-yah, I believe is the appropriate expression.

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