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This project has been stopped. We are not accepting any new registrations or work at this point.


Register as an Infinity on 30 Credits a Day Infinite Monkey. See the participation page for an explanation.
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I can contribute:
Original artwork
Art colouring
Story and plot elements
Character creation and development
Graphic design
Lettering: adding dialogue to art
HTML/PHP/MySQL coding (all three)
By registering, you agree that any work you contribute to this project is subject to the
following copyright releases:
  • I retain copyright in my own original work, however, I grant permission for it to be displayed on
    the Infinity on 30 Credits a Day website and to be modified by other participants in the project.
  • I release all such modified work under the terms of the
    Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Licence.

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