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This project has been stopped. We are not accepting any new registrations or work at this point.

Become an Infinite Monkey - Participate in the Project

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How it works

To join the ranks of the Infinite Monkeys, register with this site using the registration form. You then have access to three different ways to contribute:

  1. From time to time there will be votes to determine which one of multiple different versions of a comic will be used as the alpha stream comic. Voting is restricted to Infinite Monkeys, so you will get a say in which version gets chosen.

  2. There is a jobs list available to Infinite Monkeys. If you have a cool new idea for a segment of story, you can simply go ahead and write or draw it, depending on your skills. Then post your material to the jobs list and request help from another Monkey to do the next part of the production. For example, you might write a scene description, and request artwork. An artist can see the job, decide to do it, then post the resulting artwork and ask for dialogue to be written to match the panels. A third Monkey could then write the dialogue and post it for a fourth to letter.

  3. There are check boxes on on the registration form for you to indicate what parts of making a webcomic you can do. If you fill any of these in, you go into a task queue for those tasks. Occasionally specific help will be needed for a job that isn't getting done. In that case, task assignments are given to the top few Monkeys in the appropriate queue - more than one to make sure the task gets done. When this produces multiple options, they go to a vote to determine which version becomes the canonical "alpha" comic. Runner-up material is also saved and remains accessible as "alternate universe" views of the story.

Some of you are good artists, others are snappy dialogue writers, and still others are story and character development specialists. By becoming one of the Infinite Monkeys, you can contribute what you can do, and leave all the rest up to someone else. Even if you don't want to contribute material, you can register and vote to have a say in the direction of the comic, so you will still be playing a part in making it!

Sound cool? Register now!

Infinity on 30 Credits a Day
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