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Daisy "Dazer" Hoshino

Daisy "Dazer" Hoshino's life in a startup colony (semi-terraformed, 1.1G) made her a strong, tough survivor. Short, olive complexion, short black hair, dislikes fighting but no coward, plays small keyboard. During her six-year hitch in Planetary Defense Force learned basic hand-to-hand combat, qualified sharpshooter, soloed in space-capable cessna-oid. Always a tinkerer, she became a ship's engineer (mechanics, electronics, etc.) and, reputation has it, can fix or jury-rig almost anything. Daisy wears cargo pants and a vest, pockets filled; carries a small stunner, a multi-tool-knife, electronic troubleshooter, palm-comp, small survival kit, etc. -- always something unexpected but useful in her pockets. Pet spider-cat -- wiry, sleek "fur," six long legs, four clawed fingers and two thumbs on each paw, knows couple dozen lispy words (hungry, thirsty, scared, etc.), fetches things, house-trained, always climbing.

- description by Tanuki. Daisy art by Tim. Spider-cat art by DragonsCat.

The spider-cat's name is Schroedinger.

Jake Starr

Two meters
97 kilograms
Fit and muscular build with a slight paunch
Light brown hair usually worn short - no facial hair
Green-grey eyes

Jake can fix anything but he rarely goes out of his way to do so. It usually "works well enough." It will often take a direct order or a lot of coaxing to get him to look at equipment that isn't completely inoperable.

He can almost always be found with a heavy tool in his hand. Whichever heavy tool that may be at a given time is his favorite weapon in a fight. He is more than capable of using firearms but he prefers brawling and hand-to-hand fighting.

He has an excellent sense of humour. He can find the funny in almost everything - except something that breaks that he had fixed. Especially if it happens at an inopportune moment.

- description by Tah. Art by Mr Teufel.


Every group needs a redshirt, and Jimmers is just the androgynous entity for the job. It is a more or less indestructible hivemind of fungus-like material, as useful as it is clueless. Jimmers has the remarkable ability to gradually assimilate the properties of sampled DNA, but since the biochemical process can only occur about once per week and requires continual contact over several minutes (Jimmers will usually just eat a hair or squirrel; things inside Jimmers are in contact with it); this doesn't qualify Jimmers for the "shapeshifter" classification.

Besides, a real shapeshifter is the perfect spy, and Jimmers not only lacks the guile but the ability to replicate appearances: even if Jimmers were to copy every human trait, it would still look pretty much like Jimmers. Maybe the only thing it can do quickly or well is change size for heavy lifting or being hidden.

- description by Vedaine. Art by Fawriel.

Race Rivals

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