Infinity on 30 Credits a Day

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The Infinity on 30 Credits a Day story is non-linear. The story begins at Page 5.

1In the hangar (alternate)NeoCarbunclebirdman
2In the hangarNeoCarbuncleJ-san
3Pre-race interview (alternate)NeoCarbuncleDr. B
4Pre-race interview (alternate) NeoCarbuncleaethauia
5Pre-race interviewNeoCarbuncleCabbyHat
6The race begins (alternate) NeoCarbuncleYukikaze
7The race begins (alternate)NeoCarbunclejjackunrau
8The race beginsNeoCarbunclePumpkinetics
9False startKevin Paul Jonesnamisatu
10False start (alternate)  Kevin Paul JonesArdes
11Return to start (alternate)  Kevin Paul Jonesxocrates
12Return to startKevin Paul JonesZachfive
13Return to start (alternate)  Kevin Paul JonesEricaMZDM
14Return to start (alternate) Kevin Paul JonesEyeChan
15Return to start (alternate) Kevin Paul JonesTephlon
16Return to start (alternate)  Kevin Paul JonesBrickwall
17Return to start (alternate)  Kevin Paul JonesNecrodancer
18Return to start (alternate)  Kevin Paul Jonesjoeski
19Return to start (alternate)  Kevin Paul Jonesjkusters
20Return to start (alternate)  Kevin Paul JonesTakeshi
21The restart (alternate) Kevin Paul JonesJive Swede
22The restartKevin Paul Joneskaunartist
23The restart (alternate)  Kevin Paul JonesNecrodancer
24The restart (alternate)  Kevin Paul JonesPumpkinetics
25The restart (alternate)  Kevin Paul JonesArdes
26Jake goes out to fix somethingZachfiveZachfive
28Unexplored systemNeilTarrantMrFoo
29Missile attack, part 1dracheflyPumpkinetics
30Missile attack, part 2dracheflyPumpkinetics
31Missile attack, part 1 (alternate)  dracheflyCabbyHat
32Missile attack, part 2 (alternate)  dracheflyCabbyHat
33Jimmers v Schroedinger, part 1Dr. BDr. B
34First Pitstop, part 1hmouldinghmoulding
35First Pitstop, part 2hmouldinghmoulding
36First Pitstop, part 3 hmouldinghmoulding
37First Pitstop, part 4  hmouldinghmoulding
38Jimmers v Schroedinger, part 2Dr. BDr. B
39Stowaway, Part 1lokipbirdman
40Noblesse Oblige, Part 1birdmanbirdman
41Noblesse Oblige, Part 3Dr. BHrothmeir
42Noblesse Oblige, Part 2aDr. Bbirdman

Infinity on 30 Credits a Day
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