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Comic 33



Eve is still standing at the guest window, to listen to the instructions from the kidnappers. Carol and Walter stand at the balcony, watching Carol's phone for instructions.

Computer voice Take out your mobile phones, and hold them up. All of you. Press OK. Eve (typing) (MFL) Walter Noon. Take out your mobile phone and hold it up.

Walter, Carol and Eve hold up their phones.

Computer voice Drop your phones out the window.

Eve hesitates ever so briefly before typing.

Eve (typing) (MFL) Walter Noon, drop your phone off the balcony. Carol (MFL) Do it, Walter.

Walter drops his phone off the balcony. Eve watches him do so on the live-feed on her camera phone.

Walter and Carol look over the balcony down at the ground below, where Walter's phone has fallen.

Computer voice Now the mother and the cleaner.

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