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News: 17 February 2007

Characters and logo decided

The polls to decide the initial main characters and the main title logo are done, and the results are in. The starting characters will be Jake Starr, mechanic/engineer, Daisy "Dazer" Hoshino, ex-military engineer, and Jimmers, alien fungoid hivemind. Thanks to volunteer contributors Tah, Tanuki, and Vedaine respectively for contributing the character descriptions.

The new logo - well, visit the site to see it! Thanks to illuminator for the design.

Work now begins on character reference art - the first job for art volunteers - as well as the opening scene for storyline people, and some more graphic design work. Things are moving apace!

A reminder, though. Please do not send me unsolicited material - it will not be used. Wait until you get an e-mail asking you to contribute. If you don't get one this time around, you'll be moving up the queue and closer to being asked next time. Thanks!

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Infinity on 30 Credits a Day
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