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News: 18 June 2007

New job system!

The new job system is now up and running. Here's how it works:

There is an interactive jobs list available to registered Infinite Monkeys. I've been testing this list with some of the people on the forums for the past week or so. The functionality is still basic, but there's enough there to make it useful.

With this new jobs list, you no longer have to wait to be given a task assignment. If you have a cool idea for writing a scene in the story, or are itching to do some artwork, you can now just go ahead and do it. When you are finished as far as you want to go with it, post your work to the jobs list and request another Infinite Monkey to do the next part of the scene.

For example, you might write a scene description, and request artwork. An artist can see the job, decide to do it, then post the resulting artwork and ask for dialogue to be written to match the panels. A third Monkey could then write the dialogue and post it for a fourth to letter.

If you're looking for work further down the chain, like you want to draw art but need a story to work from, or you want to do lettering, keep on eye on the jobs list for other Monkeys to post something, and claim whatever catches your eye.

In the week and a bit I've had this running in test mode, we've already had a complete new page created, with contributions from five separate volunteers. You can see the new page here. Pretty neat, huh?

This new system gives everyone who is eager to contribute the chance to do so at their own pace. If you're hankering for a job, just claim one off the list. If you're busy with exams, just give yourself a break. I'm confident this will allow everyone to participate more to their own liking, and produce more comic faster, too.

And because submissions will now be at your own whim, there are new guidelines for:

If you plan to submit something, you must read and adhere to these guidelines, or your work may not be used.

Go for it!

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