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News: 20 April 2007

Extra art for page 6 vote

An artist has sent me another submission for the page 6 art vote. Unfortunately, it missed the deadline by several hours, and I already had the poll page up and running.

I have decided to include the artwork in the poll, since the artist put in the effort to complete it. The penalty for being late is that anyone who has already voted may not change their votes to include the new artwork, and future voters may take into account the information that it was submitted late, if they wish.

Obviously the situation is not ideal, but I feel that is a fair solution, and (quite significantly) saves me the substantial effort of having to coordinate people wanting to change their votes.

On that note, this is the last update to Infinity on 30 Credits a Day before I leave for my three-week vacation. I'll see you all in three weeks!

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