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News: 6 April 2007

Actual comics...

It's still in development, but you can now have a look at how pages of the comic will be actually displayed and a first-pass of how the navigation system will work. The idea is that you'll be able to flip between different colourings and dialogue options at will - which is achieved with bare art and transparent overlays for the dialogue. The implementation is still a bit raw, and should improve over time.

You can have a look here.

Two points to note:

  1. You may need to wait a few seconds before the alternate artwork appears after you click the link, depending on your net connection speed. Be patient.
  2. I'm aware this won't work on all browsers. I know it works on reasonably recent versions of Firefox (1.5+), IE (6+), and Safari, and probably recent versions of most other browsers. That's 97% of the browser share as of March 2007, and compliance will only improve as time goes by. Frankly, I'm not going to make things twice as hard for myself and for the vast majority of readers by trying to cater to such a small and shrinking fraction of net users. I normally try to make things as generic and simple as possible to cater to as wide an audience as I can, but unfortunately in this case it's just not worth my time and effort to cover that gap, and it's as simple as that. (Oh, if you do have a modern browser and the dialogue isn't overlaid on the art, force a page reload to refresh the style file in your browser cache.)

Oh, and the sample dialogue is filler only - don't take it seriously!

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