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News: 4 April 2007

Alternate alternate colourings

Not content with two different colourings for the opening pages, Infinite Monkey thomasm has contributed a third colouring for each page! He was one of the volunteers originally given the colouring task, but unfortunately ran out of time and didn't complete it in time for the voting. But, undaunted, he has submitted his work for the enjoyment of everyone. These pages will eventually appear as part of the ever-growing alternate-universe that is an integral part of Infinity on 30 Credits a Day. Thanks to thomasm for the great work!

While I'm here, I should also give thanks to Mr Teufel, who was the other colourist who contributed a couple of the versions which were in the votes, but neither of which won a place as an alpha page. I know readers are enjoying and appreciating all the different versions of things that we're producing, so nobody's work is ever wasted here.

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