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News: 3 April 2007

New dialogue and art started

I have started some more Infinite Monkeys working on dialogue and art for the next few pages of the comic. I've split up the scene description by Kevin Paul Jones into three pieces:
1. The starter's pistol fires. The race commences. The massed ships surge forward. One of them explodes. Infinity pulls away to an impressive early lead.

Inside, the crew are overjoyed with their start. Their celebrations are interupted by a flashing alert on one of the displays. "FALSE START!" then "ILLEGAL DISQUALIFICATION!" then "ALL COMPETITORS RETURN TO START LINE!"

2. The crew become crestfallen. Jimmers asks what happened. Daisy explains that one of the bigger competitors destroyed one of the smaller ships before the starter's pistol fired.

The ship turns, heads back, slowly. A chance for exposition? Jake: "Good start, though."

3. The ships reform the line. The crew look excited, expectant. The starter's pistol fires. Once more the ships surge forward. Pan back to the start line. Infinity is stationary. There is the sound of an ignition failing to catch.

I've given the first two chunks to two separate groups of dialogue writers, to generate detailed panel-by-panel dialogue and blocking. Once that's done, we'll have a vote-off to decide which version of each chunk goes to the artists.

The third chunk is primarily visual, and I've given it straight to a group of artists to interpret without further direction. Once we have art, we can do more voting and then add dialogue, the same way we've done the first three pages.

All up we have 50 volunteers now working on these tasks, and at least three more pages of comic currently underway!

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