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News: 28 February 2007

How closely do we have to follow 'canon'?

There have been several variants of this question raised in the forum, and I think I have the definitive answer. Rather than trying to define boundaries of what the creative people can and can't do with established characters and plotlines, I'm leaving it up to you, the registered voters. I've just updated the FAQ with this:

When given a creative task, how free are we to do what we want?
Every task will be cooperative to some extent. Artists will be given direction as to what action to depict. Story writers will have to follow characterisations in a sensible way. Dialogue writers will need to go along with the story. But within those constraints, there is still a lot of freedom. One of my mantras is Constraints breed creativity. Working with defined boundaries in one direction can free up amazing creativity in other ways. Things will vary too. Sometimes art elements will drive the story, or dialogue will feed into character development. We'll find out as we go along!

On the other hand, there's absolutely nothing to stop you doing whatever you want. Completely ignore the story and the established character descriptions if you really want. Make Daisy Hoshino a man. Reset the story and say everything up to now was a dream. Turn a story-writer's carefully crafted emotional scene into a slapstick comedy routine. Destroy the universe. I'm not going to stop it becoming part of the comic.

However, the voters may. I wouldn't expect any weirdness of this level to survive the vote of all readers that it must go through to become part of the story - unless it's really, really good and interesting in other cool and exciting ways. And if it is really, really good and interesting in other cool and exciting ways, and the voters do go for it, then hey, that's good and interesting and cool and exciting!

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