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Tag to Football (Soccer)

  1. Rather than tag other players with your hand, tag them by throwing darts (small, heavy, sharp, pointy things weighted for throwing) and having them stick in them.
  2. You get three throws before the other person becomes "it". Then they have three throws at the next player in sequence.
  3. Divide each player into scoring zones and score points according to what zone the darts land in.
  4. The aim of the game is to accumulate a certain number of points, rather than avoid being tagged.
  5. Mount a round board divided into scoring zones on a wall, and throw at that instead of at other players.
  6. Have an opposing player stand in front of the board to try to block the darts from hitting it.
  7. Rather than using several darts, use only one repeatedly. You get as many throws of the dart as you like, and from wherever you like, but if the player blocking the board gets a hold of it switch places.
  8. Switching places like that all the time is tiresome. Just set up a second board behind you for your opponent to throw at instead.
  9. Remove the different zones on the board. Hitting the board just gives you one point.
  10. Add ten more players to each side! They're not the original players, though, so they can't touch the darts with their hands or arms. You and your opponent can only do so while blocking the board.
  11. Since things are getting crowded, make the distance between the boards about a hundred metres.
  12. Make the boards bigger: about eight yards long and eight feet high.
  13. Put the boards flush with the floor instead of in the air, because it's hard for your teammates to get a dart up that high when they're not using their hands.
  14. If the dart misses, or if it goes too far off to the side, give it to the other team.
  15. Replace the dart with a ball.