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Tag to Mountain Climbing

  1. Rather than tag other players with your hand, tag them by throwing darts (small, heavy, sharp, pointy things weighted for throwing) and having them stick in them.
  2. You get three throws before the other person becomes "it". Then they have three throws at the next player in sequence.
  3. Divide each player into scoring zones and score points according to what zone the darts land in.
  4. The aim of the game is to accumulate a certain number of points, rather than avoid being tagged.
  5. Mount a round board divided into scoring zones on a wall, and throw at that instead of at other players.
  6. Rather than counting points, count how many throws it takes you to score 18 bullseyes. Lowest number of throws wins.
  7. Replace the single bull with 18 separate ones, each of which must be hit in a specified sequence.
  8. Lie the board flat on the ground instead of hanging on a wall.
  9. Make the board bigger, about a square kilometre in size. Put grass and trees and lakes on it.
  10. Begin throwing for each bullseye at a marked spot a long way away. If you don't hit it, take your next throw from where the dart landed.
  11. Replace the darts with balls, and the bullseyes with holes into which the ball can drop.
  12. Hit the ball with a stick instead of throwing it.
  13. Put the course on a mountainside, with the last hole at the very top.
  14. It doesn't matter how many times you hit the ball. All you have to do to win is reach the last hole.
  15. In fact, just get rid of the ball and clubs completely.