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Tag to Checkers

  1. Divide all the players into two teams of twelve. If any player on the "it" team tags an opponent, the other team becomes "it".
  2. Have the teams start the game on opposite sides of a field. Players can only run towards the opposing team. They can turn around if they hit a wall.
  3. Actually, anybody who hits a wall is free to move in any direction from then on.
  4. Teams must take turns moving! On each turn, one player who is "it" can take one step in any direction.
  5. It doesn't matter if you tag someone or not. After your turn, the other team becomes "it".
  6. Any player who gets tagged is removed from the game. The first team to run out of players loses.
  7. Tag players by jumping over them instead of just touching them.
  8. People with long legs have an unfair advantage, so standardise the size of the step you can take by dividing the field into 64 squares. You're allowed to move to one adjacent square during your turn.
  9. You can't enter a square if someone else is in it! Tag people by jumping over their square into the square beyond.
  10. Colour alternate squares red. Nobody is allowed to step in the uncoloured squares, so you can only move diagonally.
  11. You don't really need the players any more; just get rid of them and replace them with small plastic circles. Make sure you still leave someone to play against, though!