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Golf to Formula 1 Racing

  1. Put the course on a mountainside, with the last hole at the very top.
  2. It doesn't matter how many times you hit the ball. All you have to do to win is reach the last hole.
  3. In fact, just get rid of the ball and clubs completely.
  4. Rather than climb using ropes and other tools, everyone has to ride a horse all the way.
  5. Every man for himself. First to the top wins!
  6. Instead of a mountain, use a large running track, with a finishing line.
  7. Run the race over hundreds of kilometres instead of just one or two.
  8. Provide a stopping place for horses to eat and have their shoes changed.
  9. Have dedicated teams at the stopping place to feed each horse and change its shoes.
  10. Use different horseshoes for wet and dry weather.
  11. Get millions of dollars in sponsorship from large companies.
  12. Use cars instead of horses.