Goldfish Draft Results


These are the results of the Goldfish Draft tournaments we have played. See individual tournament pages for full scores, including some worked scoring notes.

TournamentWinner     Winning score
Goldfish 1: Can't-Kill-The-Goldfish DK 24,678,725
Goldfish 2: Spoiled for Choice AS 10(1016.6)
Goldfish 3: The Search for Fishing Metaphors     DMM 10778
Goldfish 4 PM LP 1010.4
Goldfish 5: Low-Powered Cube DK 6066
Goldfish 6: The Desolation of Sardines SI 10↑↑↑↑3.334
Goldfish 7: I can't believe it's not infinite AS 101048
Goldfish 8 My Homework AS 10125
Goldfish as a 9 DK 10↑↑11.7
Goldfish X DMM 10↑↑668
Goldfish 11 DK 10↑↑↑7
Goldfish 12 AS 10↑↑↑4.71

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