That's What I Call Spiced Ham: Volume One

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» Can't We All Just Get Along?



  • Both use unusual verbal communication methods.
  • Both need to deal with strong winds in their day-to-day life.
  • Both make heavy use of facial expressions.
  • Both have jobs requiring balance and dexterity.
  • Both frequently wear stripey shirts.
  • You wouldn't want to run across either in a dark alley.
  • Both their jobs involve taking money off strangers.
  • Both wear unusual and distinctive hats.
  • Both can give children nightmares.
  • French versions of both are even more spine-chilling.
  • Both are in danger of being summarily put to death in certain jurisdictions.

Can't they all just get along?

Pirate photo CC BY 2.0 Kordite. Mime photo CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 Phil Moore.