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No. 4036:

First | Previous | 2020-01-30 | Next | Latest

First | Previous | 2020-01-30 | Next | Latest

Pounded into a keyboard by monkeys assisted by: bill33

The author writes:

After receiving an email from a very confused person who thought this was the homepage of the West KyffhÀuserkreis Daycare Center (which doesn't even exist), I had another look at yesterday's comic and realized wow, Blackdrip doesn't look remotely creepy compared to when I first drew him. So before I sent today's script to the artist, I specifically requested that he leave out any spaces where Blackdrip is supposed to appear and let me draw him instead.

And what do you know: right before I finished drawing the flesh dripping from his bottom-right jowl in the last panel, my niece-in-law looked over my shoulder and immediately started screaming at the top of her lungs, waking up everyone in the house who had the sensibility to be asleep at 2 in the morning. She'd stepped on a LEGO brick, of course, but I had no way of convincing my family that my rendition of the stupid drippy guy hadn't scarred her for life and wasn't going to prevent my readers from sleeping through the night for two months straight.

So that's why Blackdrip looks pretty much the same as he did in the last strip, except sloppier and improperly colored. (In my defense, using four drawing tablets at once is a difficult habit to get back into when you've dropped it for a while.)