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No. 10:

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First | Previous | 2008-12-17 | Next | Latest

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Translated from ancient Sumerian by: strehlow

The author writes:

Whew! Where to begin?

The idea for this came while I was in elementary school. Second grade. There was this girl in the class (who was the inspiration for the character Gwenyth). She had the most ear-bleeding laugh I've ever heard.

No, wait, it was actually third grade.

Anyway, some other kid told a joke. Don't ask me to repeat it, I cannot possibly remember it now. So this girl ("Gwenyth") lets out this laugh. I don't know why. Even though I can't remember the joke, I do remember that it sucked. Her laugh literally (figuratively, actually) made the paint peel off the classroom wall. A couple other kids started crying. It was mayhem.

Flash forward about a dozen years, senior year in high school. My family now lived in a different town, we had to change our names (don't ask). I'm down at the mall when I hear that same blood-curdling laugh. I looked around and I see this woman at the food court, talking on her cell phone (you know, one of those huge bag phones with the car battery in it). Everyone was watching her anyway as she had that rare and expensive phone. Then she turned around and I see this huge insect smashed on her back. That's what the girl was laughing at! She didn't even know it was there!

Ha! Ha!