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No. 30: Palpitations.

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Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/pomh/?comic=30

Strip by: Ian Boreham

{In a doctor's office, Palpatine sits opposite a bespectacled Twi'lek doctor, who is looking at a tablet bearing an display in an alien script, while handing over a business card to Palpatine. An anatomical model of a tridactyl creature sits on a shelf behind. An eye chart, also in an alien script, hangs on the wall.}

Doctor: Mr Palpatine, your blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol levels are good, but your dark midichlorian count is high.

Doctor: You'll have to make some lifestyle changes - mainly diet and exercise. I'll make an appointment for you with our wellness counsellor.

{A business card for the wellness counsellor.}
D. Plagueis
B. Sith, M. DSotF, Dip. Nat. [yin-yang symbol]
Wellness; Anger Management; Meditation
Your next appointment

The author writes:

I assume that the consultation began with the doctor palpating Palpatine. This would probably have made the patient self-conscious, and the tension in the air would have been palpable.

I considered setting the text in Palatino, to round out the Palpatine puns, but by that stage, the humour was getting a bit "forced".

It's important to keep a balance of light and dark midichlorians, and yoghurt can often be beneficial. Blue yoghurt, naturally.

Darth Plagueis enjoys his job, especially the anger management part, but he sometimes works as an anaeSithetist on the side. (You know which side.) It's a shame this situation didn't work out the way Darth Plagueis would have liked. His plans to modernise the Sith and spread his healing teachings around the universe were tragically cut short.

Drawn in Krita and Inkscape. Several fonts in this strip. The dialogue is set in "Unmasked", from Blambot. The tablet screen text is in "Trade Federation", by Peter Schuster Jun, and the eye chart text is in "Sith Prophecy", by ErikStormtrooper; both downloaded from ErikStormtrooper.com.