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No. 935: Lightning Minus Owls 3

First | Previous | 2024-06-10 | Latest

Lightning Minus Owls 3

First | Previous | 2024-06-10 | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/owls/?comic=935

Strip by: Andrew Bird, -NOYZ-

{A fantasy dungeon setting, with a party of adventurers:}
{Meridien, dressed in yellow mystic robes, with a staff topped by a golden sun}
{Samantha, a halfling thief in red leather, armed with short sword and dagger}
{Oliver, a green-skinned orc in an orange loincloth, wielding a battle-axe}
{Delkin, a human thief/assassin in black robes with purple diamond trim, holding a dagger}
{Ambrose, a gnome wizard with patched clothes and a blue cape, holding a knobbly staff.}
{Holly, in a green spandex costume with mask, decorated with flower motifs and emblazoned with an "FG" logo on the chest}
{Everyone else glares at Holly}
Holly: What?
{scene switches to a group of gamers sitting around a table}
Holly: Oh wait! This is the wrong character sheet.
Samantha: Gee, you think?
Oliver: Didn't you say Holly was an experienced gamer?
Delkin: No, I said that gaming with Holly was an experience.

The author writes:

W H Y ?

Reused Material: LMoO #66.