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No. 832: Samantha is betrayed

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Samantha is betrayed

First | Previous | 2019-04-12 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/owls/?comic=832

Strip by: Sloublues

Oliver: You appear upset.
Samantha: I'm devastated.
Samantha: Someone did an exposé on my favorite spring water. It all comes out of a rusty faucet in the basement of a bar in Hoboken.
Oliver: Outrageous!
Samantha: It's not even a nature-themed bar, there's steampunk and old beer signs all over the walls.
Samantha: I feel so betrayed. I still have half a pallet downstairs because I loved that brand so much. Now I can't even look at it. Do you want it?
Oliver: No thank you. I only drink 1% milk or MTN Dew AdrenaRush: Mystery Jelly Belly Edition.
Samantha: Well I can't just pour it down the drain. I spent five bucks on that water.
Oliver: I am confident you will think of something.
Samantha: Deceptive advertising, eh? Two can play that game . . .
Newspaper clipping: a teenager answers, hang up and call again later. FOR SALE: Limited Edition, Artisanally Advertised in Small Batches, This "Spring Water" is a Perfect Fit for Your Lifestyle. Call Samantha at (190) 113-0114. FOR SALE: Tin of TicTacs answering to "Sal". Great for

The author writes:

"Art" style inspired by a crate at work that was labeled with a circled 11 that looked like someone resting his chin on his hand, rather like Samantha in the first panel except less badly drawn.