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No. 804: The competition unravels

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The competition unravels

First | Previous | 2018-12-31 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/owls/?comic=804

Strip by: Sloublues

Ambrose: Hmm!
{Meridien enters stage left.}
Meridien: Hi Ambrose!
Ambrose: Quiet, child, I am trying to --
Meridien: -- to win the LMoO competition, I know.
Ambrose: How did you guess?!
Meridien: I'm, uh, psychic in this strip. {quieter} Also you're really predictable after eight hundred strips.
Ambrose: What was that?
Meridien: Nothing!
Ambrose: Now, please leave me in peace. I must decide what my best joke is. I require a great set-up and a punchline that comes out of nowhere to maximize the audience laughs!
{Meridien exits stage right.}
Ambrose: I have it! Delkin says to Samantha, "What do you get when --
Meridien: {off-panel} Giant holes all over Australia!
{Ambrose gapes angrily after her.}

The author writes:

Would you like to know something crazy?

The top result for the punchline on Google (I had an attack of conscience as to whether anyone would even know it as a punchline, and not think it was some random outburst) shows a character named Ambrose telling the joke.

All art by David Birch.