Goldfish Cube 8: Card List

This is a cube of cards designed for play with the Goldfish Draft format. Specifically, this is the Goldfish 8 cube.

For this iteration of the cube design, we changed the assigned card rarity distribution, as 16 "rare" cards couldn't hold all of the most powerful cards. In an effort to make them more evenly distributed, we increased the number of rares to 32, and gave each booster 2 rares. The number of cards designated as "common" was reduced by 16 to keep the total number of cards at 240.

By this time we'd learnt through experience that the strongest cards included:

Extra turns are especially valuable, because of the often exponential increase rates in the number of points scored per turn, and hence also any effect that can copy an extra turn effect.

On the other end of the power spectrum, this cube still retained Tarmogoyf - primarily as a joke. It's an overpowered slam-dunk inclusion in most Magic formats, but almost completely useless for Goldfish Draft, and it was hilarious seeing it inevitably go as 15th pick.

Changes from Cube 7: (to be done)

The Card List

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Rare: (32 cards, 2 per pack)Uncommon: (48 cards, 3 per pack)Common: (160 cards, 10 per pack)

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