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No. 808: Cereal Escalation

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Cereal Escalation

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Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/itoons/?comic=808

Strip by: Josep Nollette

Letter: To the manufacturer of Sugar Frosted Honey Flakes cereal...
Letter: I am purchasing stocks of your company, for your cereal product has helped my children stay awake and energetic enough to study for their finals and pass them with flying colors. For that, I am grateful.
However, I believe you should add a warning:
{We cut to Andy Fox in her dining room, sitting on a chair whose back rest has two suction-cup darts. Her nose is covered in a dart. A bowl is overturned, spilling a liquid - presumably milk - that drips off of the table and sitting next to an unmistakable box of Sugar Frosted Honey Flakes. Next to Andy is a chair whose back rest has a dart stuck to it and a fridge covered in darts. Even the ceiling has darts stuck to it. To the right of the strip are more darts on the wall and her son Jason.}
Andy {writing the letter}: "Do not consume more than 36 packs a day"
Jason: It's 7:00 A.M.! How late can Paige sleep?!

The author writes:

Inspired by the 21 August 1987 Garfield strip, I thought of taking the 18 February 1993 FoxTrot strip and rewriting it such that the cereal had some positive effect on the Fox children's lives, side effects (the punchline) notwithstanding.

Original FoxTrot strip: 1993-02-18.
Original Garfield strip: 1987-08-21.