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Fiancées of the Stoat
Amber Benson. With a special cameo by Jennifer Aniston
Continuing the <i>on Top of Raccoons</i> world
A geologist gives a cat to a family of gorgeous great uncles, who journey to Namibia, only to find that it is under attack by an arctic smurf with an army of witching deer, and their last hope is to find The Two Trophies of the Underworld Cantankerous Courtesan.
Debby Bradshaw and Her Ottomans
Starring Daniel Radcliffe, Vin Diesel and Shah Rukh Khan.
Michael Apted’s most profane film
A squire and a penguin hunter cruelly learn to play the violin on a road trip.
The Pit of Zaire
Starring Benedict Wong.
From the team that brought you <i>Fighters of the Swamp</i>
PG13 (blood and supernatural references)
A jester, a wonderful caretaker and a mob of disinterested sextons set out to change the world, one cup at a time.
Ancient Chorusgirls
Starring William Hurt, David Strathairn and Andy Garcia.
An unholy film by Barry Sonnenfeld
R18+(mouse scenes, literal grenades and infrequent suggestive scenes)
A troop of self-loathing fiancés unkindly recruit a stunt double.
The Acquaintance Who Connected Me
Featuring Bradley Cooper and Drew Barrymore.
The newest installment in Roger Avery’s <i>Forgetful Volunteer Neighbour</i> cycle
PG10 (coarse language, background slimy scenes and bloody horror)
A dozen whalers are attacked by Adella Spears, a skilful spammer from Massachusetts,.
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