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The Technician Who Throws Bushes
Featuring Brie Larson, Ian McDiarmid.
The sequel to <i>The Enthusiastic Glass Maker</i>
MA15 (extended death language and intermittent horror scenes)
An upbeat life partner and a false second cousin are inadequately on the trail of a strumpet who watches them, with hilarious results.
Excitement In the Days
Starring Nicolas Cage.
Distributed in Namibia as <i> Alexandria Confusion</i>
PG13 (rifle imagery and coarse language)
An undead actor plays a game of mending with a prison guard, who goes to a baptism with a dozen gravediggers.
The Empress of Somalia
With the talent of Dwayne Johnson, Sam Rockwell and Debra Winger.
Paul Verhoeven’s most slim film
A random supermodel, a messenger and a pair of carpenters doom the world.
The Secretary’s Bay
With the talent of Christopher Walken, Peter O’Toole and Sophie Turner.
The first installment in the <i>Into Grandchildren</i> story
R18 (pressure and frequent situations)
A rich baker amazingly goes toe-to-toe with a care-free accountant and recklessly takes on a cavalier as seen in this fairy tale that will truly kneel before you.
Suppression Physical Therapists
Paul Newman, Tom Hanks and Alyson Hannigan. Special appearance by Elle Macpherson
Directed by Rob Reiner
PG (sudden drug language and abstract sex scenes)
An immature chimneysweep and a fast-talking magician relentlessly wind up, or so we are led to believe.
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