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No. 3745: Garfield's Epic Adventure

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Garfield's Epic Adventure

First | Previous | 2019-08-20 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=3745

Strip by: PartyEscortBotBeans

Jon: Go get the paper, Garfield
Garfield: Work! Work! Work! That's all I do around here
Garfield: I wonder what would happen if I just kept right on walking?
Garfield: I guess I'm going to find out
Jon: Odie, it's been 10 minutes since I sent Garfield after the paper. Go find him
Jon: Why do I feel like I just sent the lamb after the lion?
Jon: Gee, I sure miss the boys
Jon: What's that?!
Jon: Oh yeah... that's quiet
Jon: Garfield! Odie?! Where are you?
Jon: Ha-ha, guys. The joke's over. Now come back here!
Jon: Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!
Hubert: Call the wagon, Reba! That's not a natural laugh!
Garfield: Well, here I am out on my own
Garfield: I feel, so... so...
Garfield: So out-on-my-ownish
{Odie sniffs at a bin}
SFX: Sniff sniff sniff
{Odie discards the contents and eats the bin}
SFX: Munch munch munch
Jon: I don't know why I should be upset over Garfield and Odie leaving. It's not like they're family or anything
TV: It's 10:00. Do you know where your children are?
Jon: WAH!
Garfield's mum: Hello, Garfield
Garfield: Do I know you?
Garfield's mum: Let me give you a hint... Sit up straight. Don't talk with your mouth full. Wake up, sleepyhead
Garfield: Mom!
Garfield: It's great seeing you again, mom
Garfield's mum: Yes, it's been a while
Garfield: It seems like only yesterday
Garfield's mum: This was your first bed
Garfield: It has been a while
Garfield: Mom, I don't recognise this place. I thought I was born in the kitchen of an Italian restaurant.
Garfield's mum: It closed years ago, darling
Garfield: It's all gone! Where's the pasta? The people? The pasta? The excitement? The pasta?
Garfield's mum: You always did love to eat
Garfield: Sniff... old habits are hard to break
Garfield: I'm sorry I can't stay, mom
Garfield's mum: It's for the best, dear. You'd better hurry home. Your owner is gonna be sad.
Garfield: Yes! I almost forgot it's eating time!
Garfield: I also forgot I'm lost
Garfield: Well, this is just great. I'm cold, I'm hungry, I'm tired...
Garfield: Why is it even snowing? It's not even winter. Yet.
Garfield: Finally, it stopped snowing. But I'm still alone.
Garfield: Okay, okay. We're still alone.
Jon: Odie! You sly dog! There you are!
Girl: Mommy! Look at the doogie I found. May I keep him?
Girl's mum: He's not gonna cause any trouble, is he?
Girl: No! Not at all!
Girl: He's too stupid
Girl: Oh, doggie. I love you and I hug you and I squeeze you! I could hold you forever!
Girl: Good night, doggie
Odie: GASP!
Odie: Sniff
Girl: Oh, poor doggie. I'll bet you miss your home, don't you? I'll bet you'd like to go back to your owner, wouldn't you?
Girl: NEVER!
Garfield: It's getting hungry out here. I hate to admit it, but I'd better find work. But, what can I do?
Garfield: BINGO!
Garfield: Show business, here I come!
Sign: I want you! Join the circus
Garfield: I'm going to join the circus
Garfield: I think I'll be a trapeze artist or a lion tamer
Sign: Inquire within
Garfield: Or a clown
Binky: Listen up, cat. I'm Binky the Clown. I'm the head clown arond here and don't you forget it!
Garfield: It's a little hard to ignore
Binky: And respect... I demand respect
Binky: When I honk my nose, people snap to attention
Garfield: He's full bore looney all right
Binky: This is a slapstick. It makes a loud noise. But, it doesn't really hurt
Binky: Go ahead. Hit me with it as hard as you can
Garfield: With pleasure
Garfield: It's all in the wrist
Binky: Ladieees and gentlemen! My assistant!... Rotundo the Clown!
Garfield: "Rotundo"?
Garfield: Rotundo will now take a pie in the face!
Garfield: I've had enough
Orson: If I read you two a story, do you promise you'll go to sleep?
Booker: Yeah!
{Garfield wanders through the farm; he and Orson exchange a baffled stare}
Orson: I think I've just been insulted
Garfield: Great. Now it's snowing. Again.
Garfield: When is this all gonna end?
Garfield: And where is Odie... Z
{Garfield slumps into the snow}
SFX: Foomp
Sign: Jon's donut
Sign: Jon's donut
Sign: Jon's donut
Jon: WAH!
Garfield: I wonder where Odie is? Did he find his way home? Is he still as stupid?
Garfield: And most importantly... wait, what?! Odie!
Garfield: If we don't find something to eat soon, Odie, we are going to starve
Mrs. Ernsberger: You boys look like you need a good meal
Garfield: We're starved!
Mrs. Ernsberger: Well come in. Eat! Eat!
Garfield: There you go, Odie
Sign: Pet shop
Garfield: There are some good-hearted people in this old world
Garfield: Hi, gang. What is this? Some kind of party?
Cat: No, it's some kind of pet shop
Cat: You were lured in here with food. Now you're trapped. There's nothing to do here but eat and sleep
Garfield: Sounds like a little slice of heaven to me
Cat: You have a very brave friend here
Garfield: This pet shop life isn't so bad. It's kind of like camp
Cat: Oh, it has its drawbacks, believe me
Garfield: Name one
Cat: You bunk with the lizard
Garfield: I'm getting the drift
Cat: I tell you, friend, living in a pet shop is dehumanizing
Cat #2: There's no privacy
Cat #3: The overcrowded conditions are deplorable
Cat #4: Amen
Delivery person: Here's the shipment of mice, Mrs. Ernsberger. Where do you want them?
Cat #2: Put 'em in here!
Cat #3: We can make room!
Cat #2: We'll take 'm!
Jon: Garfield! Odie!
Garfield: Jon!
Mrs. Ernsberger: The cat and dog are $25 for the pair
Jon: I'll give you 20
Garfield: You're going to regret that one, Jon
Jon: What a surprise to find you guys in a pet shop!
Jon: I would never have thought to look there
Garfield: Then why did you...
Garfield: Wait! I know! That's why!
Garfield: Home!
Garfield: Finally! Home! Now I can sleep as much as I want again!
Garfield: Z
Garfield: Z
Garfield: Z
Garfield: Let's see what kind of day it is
Garfield: It appears to be a Monday
Jon: I'll get you out of there, Garfield
Garfield: My hero
Jon: Odie! Odie! Pull the blind down, fella!
Garfield: Our hero
Jon: Well, I guess you guys can forget what I said yesterday
Jon: You know, about not doing enough together
Jon: Ouch! Quit it! Ouch! Cut that out!
Garfield: Rowr!
Odie: Rrrr!
Jon: I wonder how we're going to get out of here?
Jon: Isn't that the way? Just when everything looks hopeless, things work out
Garfield: I love happy endings
Jon: Excuse me, ma'am?
Jon: Would you mind doing me a big favor?
Woman: You beast!
Jon: What did I say?
Garfield: I don't think she wanted to get involved
Jon: Sir, would you help us out of this window blind?
Man: Sure
Jon: The house isn't much, but we call it home
Man: What's for dinner?
Old lady: Stop right there! I know weirdos when I see them!
Old lady: Okay, you have me. Do with me what you will
Garfield: Let's kill her
Jon: Shut up, Garfield
Police: Okay, you dirty rats! Come out with your hands up!
Man: Never! We'll fight to the last man!
Jon: You stay out of this!
Jon: I wonder how many more people are going to get trapped in this blind before this nightmare is over?
Jon: Okay! Where did the lamppost come from?!
Garfield: I think Odie had something to do with it
Jon: It's hard to believe so many people can get caught in an ordinary window blind
Jon: How are we going to get out of this thing?
Jon: And how are we going to get up?
Firefighter: Hold tight, folks
SFX: Snip snip
Firefighter: You're free!
Man: This is great
Jon: It's nice to have some elbowroom
Old lady: You can say that again!
Sign: Jon's donut
Sign: Jon's donut
Sign: Jon's donut
Sign: Garfield ate Jon's donut

The author writes:

Original U.S. Acres strip: 1988-04-19.

Original strips: 1981-10-26, 1984-12-11, 1984-12-12, 1984-12-13, 1984-12-19, 1984-12-20, 1984-12-21, 1986-05-12, 1986-05-13, 1986-05-14, 1986-05-15, 1986-05-16, 1986-05-17, 1986-05-19, 1986-05-20, 1986-05-21, 1986-05-22, 1986-05-23, 1986-05-24, 1986-08-25, 1986-08-26, 1986-08-27, 1986-08-28, 1986-08-29, 1986-08-30, 1986-09-01, 1986-09-02, 1986-09-05, 1986-09-08, 1986-09-10, 1986-09-11, 1986-09-15, 1986-09-16, 1986-09-17, 1986-09-18, 1986-09-19, 1986-09-21, 1986-09-22, 1986-09-23, 1986-09-24, 1986-09-25, 1986-09-26, 1986-09-27, 2000-06-12, 2012-04-09.