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No. 2519: Garfdust

First | Previous | 2016-04-11 | Next | Latest


First | Previous | 2016-04-11 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=2519

Strip by: priority_kitten

Narration: The tree splits open.
{A tree splits in half lengthwise. Garfield is standing silhouetted between the halves, his hiding place revealed.}
Narration: Stardust swoops out of the sky.
Stardust: You're going to pay a heavy penalty for this crime.
Narration: In a desperate and murderous rage, Garfield rushes at Stardust.
Garfield: I'll kill you, you big palooka!
Narration: Stardust quickly transfixes him with a superiority beam, and Garfield becomes helpless.
Stardust: Take it easy!
Narration: Stardust then applies his transforming ray.
Narration: Immediately, the head of Garfield grows to enormous size.
Garfield: Ow-w!
Narration: Then the enlarged head begins to absorb the body.
Garfield: Stop it!
Stardust: I'll punish you according to your crime.
{Stardust picks up Garfield's head}
Garfield: What are you going to do to me?
Stardust: Plenty!
Narration: Stardust then unfolds his tubular spacial, and the bodyless Garfield to is whisked into space.
Stardust: You tried to destroy the heads of a great nation, so your own head shall be destroyed!
Stardust: Look, Garfield! You're nearing the space pocket of licing death, where the headless headhunter dwells! He's the hugest giant in the universe!
Narration: Then Stardust siezes Garfield like a ball...
Narration: And hurls him into the space pocket.
Garfield: Oofh!
Narration: The head drifts toward the bottom.
Garfield: Have mercy!
Narration: The giant headhunter waits eagerly.
Narration: Garfield is terrified by the sight.
Garfield: Stardust, Stardust! Please have mercy on me!
Narration: Stardust's distant answer reaches the killer's ears.
Stardust: You had no mercy on your victims, you fiend, so now you'll pay the penalty!
Narration: Garfield's head comes within reach of the giant.
Narration: The giant places the head on his own shoulders.
Narration: They are immediately enveloped in a Stardust flash.
Narration: And Garfield's head begins disappearing into the giant's body.
Garfield: Help! Help!
Stardust: Farewell forever, killer!
Narration: Then Stardust returns to the Earth.

The author writes:

[[Original strips: 2006-11-30, 2007-02-15, 2015-07-02, 2015-11-06, 2015-11-21, 2015-12-05, 1979-10-21.

Original Stardust the Super Wizard: "De Structo and the Headhunters".]]

Original strips: 1979-10-21, 2006-11-30, 2007-02-15, 2015-07-02, 2015-11-06, 2015-11-21, 2015-12-05.