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No. 4686: Did Somebody Say Lazy Edits?

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Did Somebody Say Lazy Edits?

First | Previous | 2022-03-18 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=4686

Strip by: TPTPWDotACoEMW

{Comic 1}
Text: Subtle Recontextualization
{Garfield is approached by Odie, who seems to have something important to say. Either that or he just buried a bone}
Odie: Yip! Yip!
Garfield: What is it, boy?
{Garfield runs to Jon, eager to deliver the important news}
Garfield {looking urgent}: Jon! Little Timmy has fallen down the old well!
Garfield {looking relieved}: And, as it turns out, he loves it down there!
Garfield {moving hands as he lists off benefits}: He has a TV and a VCR, and he's away from his evil foster parents...
Garfield {getting up in Jon's face}: So please don't rescue him!
Jon {breaking the fourth wall}: I'm glad this is one of those days I don't speak "Cat"

{Comic 2}
Text: Punchline Swap
{Garfield is walking down the street, whistling}
SFX: ♫
{Suddenly, Garfield notices a sign leading to an AQUARIUM. Clearly offended by the existence of this aquarium, Garfield returns home}
Jon {noticing Garfield's sudden offended-ness}: Care to talk about it?
Garfield {filled with unfathomable rage second only to that of a mammoth getting its tusks clipped}: About the WORLD COMING TO AN END? No, thanks!
{Garfield is later walking down a different street. He seems calmer, but as he is not whistling this time it's easy to tell he's still furious on the inside. That is, until his very eyes turn green as he notices a bakery selling kale muffins}
{Needless to say, Garfield is amazed by this and eats as many as he can before returning home. The eating itself is not shown, just implied in the final panel}
Jon: Where have you been?
Garfield {jovially}: Heaven!

{Comic 3}
Text: Borrowed Dialogue
Jon: I don't know how to tell you, Garfield...
Jon: But cats are supposed to be clean animals
Garfield {who is, sure enough, a Viking}: But we're Vikings

The author writes:

Okay, only one of these comics is particularly lazy but even so I thought it better to bundle these. (Funnily enough, the "laziest" one in my opinion took the most time to edit together.) There are a lot of comics waiting to go into the buffer, and I'd rather have only one extra floating in there rather than three. Each of these also has their own description:

(Comic 1: Subtle Recontextualization)

You may not catch the edit at first - it's the order of the words in the last panel. (No words added or removed.) Rather than the dialogue context being "Today, I'm glad I don't speak cat", it's "I'm glad I don't speak cat today". If you think about it, Jon only sometimes being able to hear Garfield makes a lot of sense. This way we have a reason for him sometimes interacting with Garfield's dialogue and we have a reason for him sometimes commenting on being unable to hear Garfield. It makes sense, right?

(Comic 2: Punchline Swap)

In this comic, Garfield has become a hardcore vegan. He's offended by even the concept of things like aquariums, and is simply elated when he discovers kale muffins.

(No offense intended to actual vegans.)

(Comic 3: Borrowed Dialogue)

... I don't know, it seemed funny at the time.

Original strips: 2000-02-27, 2011-09-21, 2012-05-22, 2012-06-06, 2019-09-14.