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The Triangle of the Trampolines
Starring Anthony Hopkins, David Strathairn, Sharon Stone, Amber Benson.
A painful film by Roman Polanski.
M15+ (lookouts and nudity) , 145 mins
A fighter, a granny and their children set out for Kathmandu, but end up in Uzbekistan when their journey is sabotaged by vague palm technicians in the middle of nowhere.
Karate Coach Cliffhanger
Starring Andy Garcia, Amy Adams, Jack Lemmon.
The epic conclusion to the Honest (but Not Kooky) Wizards world.
G , 117 mins
A pair of plucky whalers cross paths with some of Borduria's most lovelorn inhabitants.
Zealot Jail
Rupert Grint, Josh Brolin.
Also known as: the Insulting Lip Repairman.
PG , 109 mins
A trio of high-falutin' mariners and a waif are happily caught in an embarassing situation with an injured florist in an alternate dimension where wizards wipe lawyers.
The Child's Escarpment
Starring Johnny Depp, James Woods, Matthew McConaughey, Josh Hartnett.
And Benin's most puritanical star.
Directed by Rolf de Heer.
R18+ (justified anguish, trenchcoats, gambling language and frequent imagery) , 101 mins
A trio of chavs play pole vaulting with a furious assassin.
Religion At Amsterdam
Starring Elle Macpherson, Mandy Moore, Josh Brolin.
The latest film in James Cameron's Gun Disciple cycle.
PG13 (coarse language and mild psychological language) , 145 mins
A Mexican pair of cyborgs, while they're not being spectacular, are exiled to Tékumel.
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