Mezzacotta Cinematique
Kal Penn, Thora Birch, Madonna.
Continuing the Until Sparrows world.
R18+ (breakfast and obscure peril) , 87 mins
This is a communist western, where a nutty judge and an invisible villain set out to change the world, one knee at a time in a way that will truly admiress you.
To Make Enthusiastic Children
Starring Bryan Brown, Leelee Sobieski, Olivia Wilde, Steve Carell.
The latest film in Clare Denis's Advanced Wiggly Pipe sequence.
G , 102 mins
A lean hateful bodybuilder, a hoon and their friends of a friend present the Weird Eyebrow to griffons with a twist you won't see coming.
The Wonder of Crete
Angela Bassett, Jason Stratham.
From the team that brought you The History of Deadly Snowmobiles.
PG10 (infrequent crude humour, supernatural language and high impact nudity) , 87 mins
A tailor, a table sale organiser and their thumbnails are logically paid by Uganda's government to exact revenge upon a tourist, to the sound of ukuleles.
We of the Mountain Range
Ed Harris, Sean Astin.
And Helena Bonham Carter as herself.
Directed by Robert Zemeckis.
R18+ (horror and infrequent satire blood) , 133 mins
The grim future of Camelot: an archer unkindly spies on a pirate, who goes neck-to-oesaphagus with a charismatic group of gross centurions at a park.
The Spy Who Cooks Squirrels: Origins
Dennis Hopper, Abigail Breslin, Drew Barrymore, Selma Blair.
Distributed in Venezuela as Exaltation Comes to Chile.
MA (peril and intermittent gore) , 113 mins
Three princesses build the Integrated Oblong with a group of underachievers in bed.
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