Mezzacotta Cinematique
When I Win the Forklifts
Jamie Lee Curtis, Kurt Russell, Renee Zellweger, Liza Minnelli.
The latest film in Zhang Yimou's Cupboards world.
G (incidental nudity and horrific violence) , 107 mins
The story of the Dreamlands's most outgoing No such file: vocabulary/person,.txt a couple of helpful gold miners inherit a fortune from a captain, who is persuaded to catch a boat by a loser.
Glass Armonica Maidens
Starring Carla Gugino, Antonio Banderas, Winona Ryder, Rebecca Romijn.
And Guinea's most dangerous star.
Directed by Robert Redford.
MA15+ (shocking language, criminal themes, literal blood and infrequent coarse language) , 117 mins
A random cow, a prophet and a group of excited vampires journey to Metropolis, only to find that it is under attack by a floating pilgrim with an army of stitched-together echidnas, and their last hope is to find the Publican's Scythe.
To Improve an Image
Starring Bruce Willis, Kevin Bacon, Jude Law, Gillian Anderson, Ally Sheedy.
The sequel to Treatise of the Ballet Dancer's Piccolo Recital.
XXX (violence and splatter humour) , 101 mins
A trendy short diver um,... Goes on a shopping spree with four vandals in ancient times as told by this little-known epic.
An Awesome Boat
Starring Mos Def, Matt LeBlanc, Laurence Fishburne.
Directed by Wolfgang Petersen.
PG10 (peril) , 102 mins
A sheltered hitman, a burglar and a pair of carnival workers plan a conspiracy in this year's most false sci-fi film.
To Answer a Butterfly IV
Starring Fran Drescher, Marisa Tomei.
Directed by Jim Jarmusch.
G , 99 mins
In this docu-drama, a bandit and a writer sound like a stuffy musketeer.
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