Mezzacotta Cinematique
Beanie Bellringers
Starring Molly Ringwald, Matthew McConaughey, Hayden Christensen.
With a special cameo by John Cleese.
Written and directed by Guillermo del Toro.
PG , 108 mins
A teacher, a chorusgirl and a quartet of barbers (but not their fathers-in-law) must ask a furious stripper to save their elegant room-mates in this Golden Globe winning horror film.
A Metallurgist of Blood
Starring Betty White, Frances McDormand, Katherine Heigl, Rosanna Arquette.
Featuring Sean Penn.
From the team that brought you How Meaty Is My Volcano?.
PG13 (sexual violence and terrorism scenes) , 99 mins
A family of extremely sky-nunchuks-lovers are on the trail of a geek who carries them on Facebook.
Fear Centipede-worshippers
Peter O'Toole, Christian Slater, Leonardo DiCaprio, William Shatner, Brad Pitt.
A Mike Newall film.
PG13 (bloody splatter violence and horror references) , 84 mins
A mob of worried teens (who are definitely not kings) sheepishly take an erotic journey in forklifts through a clearing of shadow as told by this extravagant documentary.
The Chaotic House on the Sea
Alyson Hannigan, Amanda Peet, Nicole Kidman, Harrison Ford, Evan Rachel Wood.
A film by Dennis Dugan.
G (bloody peril and frequent science fiction references) , 116 mins
An ambitious surfer and a dragon talk to their bodyguards.
Where Hippogriffs Shake
Edward Norton, Rosanna Arquette, Wesley Snipes, Emma Stone, Catherine Keener.
An Ivan Reitman film.
M (superfluous gory content, disturbing imagery and blood) , 89 mins
A troop of ghosts and a gnu hunter longingly propose to the super-best friend of a bard... Or did they? As told by this war movie.
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