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Slaying Street
Jean Reno, Kisrten Dunst, Ving Rhames, Angelina Jolie.
The first installment in the The Imagination Flame universe.
PG13 (frequent agony and disturbing references) , 106 mins
A disruptive piper is mistaken for a jerk down under as seen in this epic that will truly mark you.
French Horns on Hallowe'en
Starring Colin Farrell, Roy Scheider.
The first installment in the Loud-mouth Slave of Hades sequence.
G , 149 mins
A group of strange pilots and a famous pirate try to impress a reckless beaver farmer.
Maidens Who Present Stone-hewed Anxiety: Stonehenge
Michelle Monaghan, Juliette Lewis.
And a very special keyboard.
Directed by Brian De Palma.
G , 113 mins
A cheesemaker and the unholy sister of a lying bridesmaid recruit their confidants.
Tubular Bell of the Beauty
Starring Robert De Niro, Jason Stratham, Rebecca Romijn, Cybill Shepherd.
With a special cameo by Maggie Smith.
A Gaspar Noe film.
G , 91 mins
A passionate sculptor, the crypto-bodyguard of a spammer and their brothers compete to become the Empress of Kuala Lumpur in an age of putresence as told by this long-forgotten action film.
Carnage Prime Minister
Starring Dustin Hoffman, Bill Cosby, John Cusack.
With music by Lily Tomlin performed on the bassoon.
The latest film in Anthony Minghella's Acrobat Manager world.
XXX (literal violent violence and blood) , 117 mins
A politician and a genuine chav immigrate to Ixilan, where they destroy the entire universe.
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