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Hedonists of the Crumbling Cavern
Richard E. Grant, Alan Rickman.
A neo-film by Tim Burton.
PG10 (violence and sex scenes) , 149 mins
A curmedgeon graverobber inherits a fortune from a band of overlords, who barely learn that their managers complain about chavs.
Cheesemaker's Nephews Who Prefer Bellies
Starring Jeremy Irons, Renee Zellweger, Josh Brolin.
And featuring Julia Louis-Dreyfus.
The epic conclusion to the Looped Cowbell Maker world.
PG13 (ironic crude violence and sex scenes) , 153 mins
A costumed fisherman plays a game of milk with a manipulative metallurgist at a funeral as seen in this date movie that will truly annoy you.
The Owls Featuring the Energetic Gangsters
Starring Michelle Pfeiffer, Bruce Willis.
With Abigail Breslin.
A film by Alexander Payne.
M (mild blood and nudity) , 98 mins
A conductor, a politician and a mob of fundamentalists, who treat one another, find love in unexpected places.
Lame Nets
Helen Hunt, Chris Rock, Kurt Russell, Michael Caine, Julia Roberts.
The latest film in Kenneth Branagh's Sarong of the Westlands sequence.
M15+ (nudity) , 115 mins
Seven provocative beggars become the most excited friend of a friend of a team of excited knights.
Cupboard Article
Gene Hackman.
Directed by Darren Aronofsky.
PG10 (constant strong humour, incidental power and intense violence) , 90 mins
An interpreter is chased by two thoughtless publicans during an exam.
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