Mezzacotta Cinematique
We're No Gangsters
Starring Bridget Fonda.
From the team that brought you Woven Immortality During the Holiday Season.
PG , 149 mins
A co-operative billionaire and a frightened matador are secretly stalked by their sisters-in-law in a world ruled by difficult astronauts.
Publicans in an Icy Glen: the Quest For Pants
Naomi Watts, Anthony Hopkins, Kate Hudson.
With Billy Crystal in a typically bedraggled role.
Also known as: Romance of Dolphins.
PG10 (bloody splatter imagery and shocking language) , 138 mins
A scantily-clad slacker, a whaler and their girlfriends recklessly witness a crime in ancient times.
Midgets and Shrines
Starring Kevin Bacon, Rene Russo, Bernard Hill.
With the talents of a specially trained shark.
The sequel to Old Criminals.
G , 102 mins
A horde of amateur explorers and a lovely gambler (who are definitely not blacksmiths) sheepishly mentor a druid.
There Will Be Angelic Llamas
Janet Jackson, Thora Birch, Lily Tomlin, Danny Aiello, Mila Kunis.
Directed by Frank Oz.
M (unrequited love and drug use) , 151 mins
A tanned painter gets dragged into a schoolyard brawl with a weak elegant animal trainer, who imitates a troop of good-natured golfers.
The Fabulous Checkout Chick and the Nudist Monorail
Ken Watanabe, Meryl Streep, Burt Reynolds, Michelle Rodriguez.
And Emma Stone as herself.
Directed by Gary Marshall.
PG , 96 mins
A drummer and a sullen mechanic learn that their associates collect terrorists in a library.
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