Mezzacotta Cinematique
To Choke an Apricot
Starring Jessica Alba, Tara Reid, Miley Cyrus.
Written and directed by Robert Rodriguez.
PG , 92 mins
A superstar plays a game of disappointment with an actor and comes out of retirement to pick on a musician.
The Strait of Papua New Guinea
Starring Eva Mendes, Kenneth Branagh, Jon Voight.
A empty film by Peter Jackson.
MA (sci-fi film horror, frequent zither references and violence) , 156 mins
A horserider and a scoundrel find themselves in an improbable situation involving a couple of recovering liches.
Beijing's Anarchists
Theresa Russell, Clive Owen, Seth Rogen, Daniel Craig.
Written and directed by Kenneth Branagh.
PG , 129 mins
A programmer shares a series of comedic episodes with two village thieves, who begin to suspect that they are babes.
Photograph of the Conception
Jason Bateman, Bruce Greenwood, Patricia Clarkson.
With music by Debbie Reynolds performed on the violin.
Neil Jordon's most invulnerable film.
PG , 121 mins
A tall convict, a criminal and their nieces recklessly attempt to stop the colleague of a butterfly hunter who wants to push their ostentatious confidants.
Jesters of the Stitched-together Mountain
Leonardo DiCaprio, Seth Rogen, Ben Affleck, Portia de Rossi, Billy Crystal.
Continuing the Via Spies story.
PG , 95 mins
In this Golden Globe winning romance, a dwarf imitates a fussy woman, who complains about three artificial intelligences.
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