That's What I Call Spiced Ham: Volume One

The webcomic that everyone is talking about.

Comic Cast

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Character 1Character 1
"I have better things to do than be here, you know."
Phoebe enjoys playing Dungeons & Dragons.
Eliza is a professional psychotherapist.
Character 4Character 4
Helia is training to be a comedian.
"They laughed when I said I wanted to be a comedian. They're not laughing now!"
Character 6Character 6
Scott is a scientist. Not mad, thank you very much.
"Do you happen to know a taxidermist who specialises in human beings?"
Character 8Character 8
Duchovny is an alien pretending to be a human.
"No matter how paranoid you are, you're not paranoid enough."
Character 10Character 10
Character 11Character 11 Character 12Character 12
Character 13Character 13 Character 14Character 14
Character 15Character 15
"This series of panels has some cool dialogue."
Character 16Character 16
Character 17Character 17 Character 18Character 18
Character 19Character 19 Character 20Character 20
Ivan hails from Soviet Russia.
"In Soviet Russia, attention wasn't paying you!"
Character 22Character 22
Character 23Character 23 Character 24Character 24
Character 25Anya
Anya may be an alien...
"Tell me about your human mating customs."
Character 26Character 26
Character 27Character 27 Character 28Character 28
Character 29Character 29 Character 30Character 30
Brian is not entirely sure this whole mezzacotta thing was a good idea.
"We have readers?"
"Hi. We're doing a meta-meta-webcomic today."
Character 32Character 32
Character 33Character 33 Character 34Character 34
Character 35Character 35 Character 36Character 36
Character 37Character 37 Character 38Character 38
Character 39Character 39 Character 40Character 40
Character 41Character 41 Character 42Character 42
Character 43Character 43 Character 44Character 44
Character 45Character 45 Character 46Character 46
Character 47Character 47
"This randomly generated comic is just not working today."
Character 48Character 48
Character 49Character 49 Character 50Character 50