Drummoyne Bakehouse Cafe, Drummoyne, pt. 3

150 Lyons Rd, Drummoyne, New South Wales

We’ve reviewed the Drummoyne Bakehouse twice before, once for the sausage roll and vanilla icing topped vanilla slice, and once for the vanilla slice topped with icing sugar. But on this cloudy, drizzly late autumn day, when I’d ventured here mostly for a comforting hot pie for lunch, I casually added “and a vanilla slice” to my order, remembering how good they were. The woman serving me asked if I wanted icing sugar, or passionfruit icing… and indeed the slices visible in the display had clearly visible passionfruit seeds. Well!

Vanilla slice, Drummoyne Bakehouse

I took my pies and slice to nearby Drummoyne Park, where Canine Snot Block & Roll could run around on the grass while I indulged. The pies were great, but then I turned my attention to this unexpected boon.

As in previous reviews, the slice is a visual marvel, three layers of very crisp looking pastry, two of mid-yellow creamy custard. This one is topped with a thick layer of rich yellow icing, with a couple of black passionfruit seeds visible. there is some hand-made roughness around the edges, but the whole thing looks scrumptious.

Vanilla slice, Drummoyne Bakehouse

It’s a complete mess to eat, because the pastry is super crunchy, and biting down on the top and bottom layers squeezes the middle layers of custard and pastry all over the place. But as usual from this establishment, it’s delicious, rich, full of vanilla, creamy, and crunchy all in one. The passionfruit icing adds some super sticky sweetness. How sticky?

Vanilla slice, Drummoyne Bakehouse

After a few bites and licking up the oozing custard, I can suspend the remainder of the slice with my fingers stuck to the passionfruit icing above, and nothing below. Yum yum yum. This is the real deal. Drummoyne Bakehouse smashes it again.

Passionfruit vanilla slice: 10/10.

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