Bourke Street Bakery, Neutral Bay, extra

Shop 7/19-25 Grosvenor Street, Neutral Bay, New South Wales

I’ve been going back through old photos and notes, and found several reviews that I made quick notes on, but never found the time to post here. With COVID-19 lockdown in place, it seems like a good time to clear out the backlog!

Bourke Street Bakery is a good choice for sausage rolls, of several different varieties. Previously I’ve sampled no less than the pork and fennel sausage roll, the lamb, almond, and harissa sausage roll, and the chicken, pumpkin, and tarragon sausage roll. But on another occasion I visited the place and they had, believe it or not, a fourth type of sausage roll: Chicken and sweet corn. Naturally I had to try it to see how it compared to the others.

Chicken and sweet corn sausage roll

It’s thin and flat, as is typical for the Bourke Street Bakery style of rolls. Apart form that it looks decent, and as we know from past experience, these rolls punch well above their weight as judged by appearance. The pastry does look good, and there are thin crispy bits of burnt juices stuck to it, promising of a rich and moist filling.

Chicken and sweet corn sausage roll

Unfortunately the pastry is soft and not crisp at all – probably a result of too long in the warmer being overlooked for the superior pork an fennel rolls. The meat filling is chickeny, but not particularly spicy or flavourful. It’s nice and moist and has a good texture, but the flavour-wise it’s uninspiring.

Chicken and sweet corn sausage roll

The whole corn kernels adds a nice bit of crunch and sweetness, but again not a particularly spicy flavour. There are also large green chunks of some herb, maybe sage or thyme? This adds a slight flavour profile, but again understated more than punchy. Honestly, this would be a very good choice if you didn’t like strong flavours, but as someone who does enjoy a bit of spice and kick, it wasn’t for me. Still, the quality shows, and it has to rate above average.

Chicken and sweet corn sausage roll: 7/10.

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