That's What I Call Spiced Ham: Volume One

The webcomic that will revolutionise your web experience.

About mezzacotta

mezzacotta started as a half-baked idea to put together a website so that a bunch of friends (us) could have a place to post all the weird, crazy, half-baked ideas we come up with.

The launch post probably says everything you need to know, so go read that if you want more of the background story. But basically, this is our place to collect together all the half-baked website ideas we come up with. Some of them will be half-implemented, or maybe fully implemented if you’re lucky. But the important thing is that we’re not just sitting around dreaming up ideas – we’re putting the effort in to actually get them on the web.

Oh, and by the way, if you want to buy this site, the cost is €5000000 (five million euro). We don’t really want to sell it, but we promised before launch that we’d sell it for that much after it went live, so we’ll keep our promise. If you have more money than you know what to do with, we want to hear from you. (Hey, it was a half-baked idea. Yeah… you’re starting to get the idea…)