Dare to be stupid.

You’ve been visited by the Internet

Here’s a half-baked idea:

  • Pick a random house somewhere in a random suburb/town.
  • Go there and take some photos.
  • Put a note in the letterbox saying, “You’ve been visited by the Internet!” and including a URL.
  • Post the photos at that URL.

This idea is actively bad, because you might upset people and you might get accused of stalking and even end up in trouble with the police. In fact, it’s the sort of prank that you might see over on xkcd. It’s amusing, but it’s not practical, and should not be taken seriously. Don’t do it.

But I’m sharing it because that’s what we do here: share our half-baked ideas, even the actively bad ones. Because someone might figure out how to turn it into a good idea. Maybe. (For an example of an actively bad idea turned good by sharing it, check what I wrote over here about wedding photography. See what I mean?)

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