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Art by Children

So, I was walking up the street for dinner tonight and I saw a new shop, called “Children’s Art” or something, which I found intriguing enough to have a look as I got closer. I was actually disappointed when I saw that it was artwork for children – paintings and blocky wooden sculptures of trains and clowns and stuff in bright primary colours. The sort of thing you’d use to decorate a child’s room.

Wouldn’t it be good if there was a place that sold art by children? Obviously a lot of art made by children is simplistic and child-like, and not really the sort of thing you’d want to hang on your wall (unless you’re the proud parent). But I’m sure that given enough children and enough artistic output, there would actually be some pretty decent stuff in there. Stuff that some people would be willing to buy and display in their homes. Stuff that would brighten up a house, with relatively inexpensive original works of art.

I can imagine a sort of clearing house for kid’s art. Parents can bring in stuff their kids have made (or kids themselves can bring it in), and the gallery operators would go through it and pick out the stuff that has aesthetic appeal, and put it up for sale. It’d be fairly cheap – you could buy an original piece of art that you like for 10 bucks, the gallery would take a small cut, and the kid would get some extra pocket money. This would have the additional effect of teaching the children the practical values of work and of money, and of nurturing and developing any artistic talent from a young age.

This is not an idea that we here at mezzacotta can do anything with. But I thought it cool enough to share, as a raw idea. Heck, it’s almost not-even-crazy. If you have the knowledge, experience, or simply the determination to do anything with this idea, please do.

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