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Car ideas

  1. When it rains lightly and variably, so the amount of rain on your car windscreen changes all the time, you have to keep fiddling with the wiper controls to ensure optimal clearance of rain from the screen, without having the wipers flapping and scraping the glass when it’s not really necessary. Why not remove the screen altogether, so it doesn’t get wet! You could have the windscreen retractable like the side door windows, and simply wind it down! You could even do this on a nice day just to enjoy the fresh air!
  2. Cars should be able to communicate with one another. You could put infrared receivers and transmitters on all cars, and send signals back and forth. Control signals. If the guy in front of you leaves his turn signal on, you can switch it off for him! If he’s driving stupidly and you want to yell abuse, wind down his window first so he can hear you! If his hip-hop music is too damn loud, turn it down!

Yes, I did a lot of driving today.

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