Guess Whom?

The webcomic that uses the proleptic Gregorian calendar.

Speaking of half-baked…

A reader on the forums suggested this: Variety Bread.

Much like you can get variety cereal packs, you should be able to buy bread where every slice in the loaf is a random thickness and kind of bread. You might get white, you might get wholemeal, you might get farmhouse, you might get milk loaf. Random sandwiches!

Sounds good to us! We envision some sort of giant bread-slice-shuffling machine, similar to what’s used to randomise and package collectible game cards. In fact, running with this idea, you could have different rarity levels for the types of bread. In each loaf you’d get 15 common slices (white, wholemeal), 5 uncommon slices (sourdough, rye), and 1 rare slice (raisin bread, German pumpernickel). And maybe extra-rare “chase” slices, like marble-rye.

Holy cow, we could make a fortune doing this!

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